Dallas Ventures Angels Network welcomes the opportunity to review the business proposals of Texas-based entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on north Texas.  We do not charge any fees to entrepreneurs to present business proposals.  Bring your ingenuity, your ideas, and your determination, and we will explore possibilities with you in a peer review environment.

Entrepreneurs should understand who we are, how we operate, what we look for in potential investments, and what we expect in return. Angels typically invest between $25,000 and $100,000 per transaction individually, and from $250,000 to $750,000 as a group. Angels typically invest in one to four transactions per year. On average, angels are patient, with an average term for holding an investment of eight years. For the risk and added value they provide, angels seek returns of at least ten times their investment. Our funding process involves a thorough screening process where approximately three companies per month are selected to present to our members for funding consideration.

Application Process

Dallas Ventures may request additional information during the application process regarding the applicant's finances, intellectual property, partnerships, and/or management background. Due to the nature of our organization, Dallas Ventures cannot execute non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements.

1. Submit your executive summary.
2. Complete the Angelsoft online deal registration form.
3. Our members identify companies in which they are interested, so there is no guarantee that your company will be invited to give an investment presentation.
4. Companies that are selected are given 15 minutes to present and 15 minutes for a Q&A session with
Dallas Ventures members.  Presentation meeting are held monthly at 2200 Ross Avenue, Suite 5000, Dallas Texas 75201.  Details regarding meeting times will be distributed with invitations.
We evaluate based on management team, market opportunity, growth potential, and other factors.

Next Steps

Entrepreneurs should note that presentation to Dallas Ventures does not guarantee funding from Dallas Ventures members or referrals to other funding sources.  Interested investors might collaborate on due diligence and negotiations. Investment decisions, however, are made on an individual basis. Dallas Ventures does not participate in due diligence conversations or term sheet negotiations.  For more information an angel investors, angel networks, and angel funding, please review the this presentation from the Angel Capital Association.